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If you are curious about chiropractic, or want to learn more about how we may be able to help you or your loved one, please contact us to book a complimentary Case Consultation with Dr. Caitlin. 

Preparation for your 1st and 2nd appointments...
What to Expect

We cannot wait to see you in the practice for your first visit! Booking you or your child's complimentary Case Consultation is the first step to your healing journey. The first visit is all about YOU! The Case Consultation is designed for Dr. Caitlin to get to know you - your story, your concerns and your goals. This is the time where she will get an idea of what brought you into the office, what things have led you to where you are at now and what you are hoping to achieve. This initial Consultation can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes. Please feel free to wear any type of attire - business attire, workout gear, casual wear - whatever you are comfortable in!


Based on the above criteria and your health history, she may recommend moving forward into a detailed Examination - which can take anywhere from 20-40 minutes, depending on the case and its severity. Once the Examination is complete, Dr Caitlin will take time to thoroughly review your results and create a customized care plan, designed to help you most effectively reach the goals you laid out with her during your Consultation. Please note that you will NOT be adjusted during your first visit. Dr. Caitlin needs time to review the results of your Examination and information from your Consultation before she will be able to safely provide care. It is important that you also understand what is going on with you and your nerve system before any care occurs. 

At your second visit, Dr Caitlin will discuss your results with you, explaining what they mean, and will then go over her recommended care plan with you one-on-one. She will ensure at this visit that you fully understand what is going on with you and how we can help. This is where you will get to make a decision about what you want to do - a decision that best suites you, your schedule and your goals. Once your care plan has been discussed and agreed upon, you will be able to receive your first chiropractic adjustment! This is where the journey really begins - so get ready, and enjoy living a more illuminated life!


“Dr Caitlin, you are so special and wonderful. You brought love and life to chiropractic care. All of the snippets of information you've shared have empowered us to make better decisions for ourselves and our kids. But more than that, thank you for always listening to me and every concern we've had about our family's wellness. We are all so lucky to be under your care!"

-S. Ismail  

“I am ever so grateful to have Dr Caitlin as my chiropractor because she has helped me so much. The first time I met her, I was 35 weeks pregnant and desperate to get help with my breech baby. She was so encouraging, genuine and went above and beyond to help me as much as she could. I had a failed ECV and was demoralized, but Dr Caitlin didn't lose hope. With her care, constant motivation and encouragement, my baby turned at the end of 38 weeks! She has laso helped me to recover post-pregnancy and post-car accident. from very bad neck and back pain. My body has recovered well and it's thanks to Dr Caitlin and her help."

-S. Latiff  

“Looking at how much my daughter's health has improved since our first visit, I'm just so glad we decided to go with this, even though we had to travel quite far, Dr Caitlin is her favorite doctor! She now rarely falls sick, is no longer constipated, no longer gags when she eats and her appetite gets better everyday."

-N. Yana

“Dr Caitlin, since day one, we were welcomed by you with open arms. As a first time mother, I was worried about my daughter, but you cleared my doubts and we followed your plans for her closely. We have come a long way to see her as a tiny, screaming baby to now - a friendly, dancing little woman. Thank you for your patience in handling her."  


-N. Nasir

“My heartfelt gratitude to Dr Caitlin for always ensuring I am well-adjusted, and thank you for taking care of me and my son, especially during pregnancy!"


-A. Farah  

“Dr Caitlin exudes so much positivity...I read somewhere that an apt definition of a chiropractor is - "someone who solves a problem you didn't know you had in a way you don't understand" - I am so grateful for the opportunity to know this amazing lady with the magic touch. Thank you for always having my back, Dr Caitlin!"

-H. Morris  

“Thank you to Dr. Caitlin for taking care of our son since he was inside my tummy. We just had his 12 Month Review and the results are awesome. So grateful that he is growing up well and is so happy."

-N. Omar  

“I was introduced to Dr Caitlin when I attended a VBAC sharing session and the rest is history, they say. Dr Caitlin attended to my concerns throughout my successful VBAC journey! I still remember the first adjustment, and I never looked back since." 

-S. Syakirah 

“Thank you, Dr Caitlin, once again for making our little guy's days and nights so much better since day one. He's such a happy, bubbly baby thanks to you!”

-E. Rauf

“Dr Caitlin is the most generous and kind-hearted person I've met. You know when a person is kind and sincere, you can instantly feel the positive vibes. So much love for her. I always look forward to our sessions. Thank you for everything."

-A. Begham 

“You always have a way of making everyone feel good.It's amazing how the kids perk up the moment they see you, when I swear they are cranky just minutes before. Dr Caitlin is our feel good doctor!"


-S. Ismail 

“When my daughter was 8 months old, we came to know of Dr Caitlin. We started adjustments with my daughter, and not only has her sleep improved, but she seldom falls sick - and if she does, recovers really quickly. We got the whole family on board and haven't looked back since. 


-R. Iskander

“I will always remember the first meeting Dr Caitlin when I had a barely visible baby bump. She told me that I would be in safe hands and that you would take care of us. And she did! Our two children have grown to love you and have shown so much affection towards you. Thank you!"

-S. Saini 

“Dr Caitlin can do magic with her adjustments. Thank you, Dr Caitlin, for being a part of our small family. You played such a pivotal role in our lives, from when our first born was still brewing in my belly, to where he is now. He's growing into a healthy, happy boy because of chiro and so much of that is because of the connection we had with Dr Caitlin. 

-N. Sadali 

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