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dr. caitlin

The deep passion I have to empower and care for others stems from an experience I had years ago, when I was a young girl. My father had been involved in a bad car accident, and was left with severe pain and no real answers as to what the cause of the pain was. He was told he would have to just live with it. Months passed and he had to stop working because of the pain, his personality began to change as he lost hope and the only thing the doctors could do for him was to prescribe endless painkillers. Thankfully, a friend recommended chiropractic, and a short month after he began working with the chiropractor, he was back at work, off of painkillers and back to the happy go-lucky man we loved. 


This really showed me how powerful healing can be. Not only did this chiropractor change my father’s life, but through chiropractic, was able to give him hope in himself and his body again, when everyone around him was telling him there was nothing he could do. Without chiropractic, our lives would be very different than they are now. I knew then that I wanted to be able to give this hope and happiness back to families all over the world!



I used to be a doula, and have cried at every birth I’ve attended, because they are just so dang beautiful!

I LOVE to hike and have spent the last few years checking off many National Parks!

I am unnecessarily, irrationally terrified of bees, eek!

I lived overseas in Singapore for nearly 3 years and have traveled to 12 countries!

Much love to you all and if I haven’t met you yet, I hope to soon ❤️

fun facts...


I am unnecessarily, irrationally terrified of bees, eek!

I was a HUGE tomboy growing up – I played every sport you can think of, hated dresses & pink and most of my closest friends were boys!







Dr Caitlin was part of the team at Organic Family Chiropractic in Singapore when it was awarded #1 Chiropractic Practice in the country!



My journey to give this back to others began in sunny Santa Barbara, California, where I studied for four years to learn more about the human body and its amazing potential. After receiving my degree in Developmental Biology from University of California, Santa Barbara, I spent some time working in a chiropractic office, only to have my curiosity grow more and more. While doing this work, I witnessed countless things that many would call “miracles.” 


There were women who had struggled to get pregnant for years begin care and become pregnant months later. 


There were babies who had never slept for more than two hours at a time who would begin sleeping for 6+! 


Babies that were behind on their developmental milestones would begin care and end up surpassing the expected milestones over time!

People who had tried "everything" to help with their pain FINALLY get some relief. 


There were moms on their third pregnancy who, under chiropractic care for the first time, had significantly shorter labors and easier births than their first two! And the list goes on...


Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to get started and went on to study chiropractic in the beautiful (but windy!) San Francisco Bay Area. Throughout my journey to getting my doctorate in chiropractic, I fell even more in love with the body and it’s miraculous ability to form a baby. I had to know more, and on my endless journey for more knowledge, became specialized in a technique that focuses on pregnant women AND signed up for another course (I know, I am a big ole nerd!) that would allow me to become a doula. 


After completing that course and being lucky enough to support a few women through their pregnancies and births as both a doula and a chiropractor, I can truly say that birth is one of the most incredible things on this planet. Pregnancy and birth is a time that truly demonstrates that women are so incredibly powerful. This is what motivates me. I want to support as many women as possible in achieving what they desire, be it a pregnancy, a natural labor, a natural birth, a healthy family, motherhood and so on.


This led me to my biggest journey so far! To spread my passion and knowledge to the other end of the world, in Singapore! When I learned that there were no pediatric and pregnancy specialized chiropractors in the whole country of Singapore, I felt called to move there and provide families care. One of my dear friends and colleagues opened the first specialized pediatric and pregnancy practice in the country, where I began working, and we were able to help thousands of families, babies, kiddos and pregnant mamas. Singapore provided me so much learning, love and adventure - my husband and I were able to travel to nine different countries in that part of the world! 


My time in Singapore only helped me to grow more passionate and encouraged me to take yet my next biggest step, opening my own practice in one of my favorite cities on Earth, surrounded by my family, in Sacramento, California! And I couldn’t be more excited to be back in my old stomping grounds!

When I’m not fueling my chiropractic fire, you can find me running around town with my husband, Patrick (we love being around water!), hanging at home with my sweet kitten Ted, boxing, running, cooking or spending time with our friends and families.

Now that you know all about me, come learn more about your body and all it is capable of by meeting with me for a complimentary Case Consultation! All you have to do is CLICK HERE! I would love to meet you and chat about how we may be able to work together to help you regain hope and achieve the goals you have for you or your family, whatever they may be!


dr. caitlin

"The idea behind a KALEIDOSCOPE is that it is a structure that's filled with broken bits and pieces, and somehow, when you look through them, you still see something beautiful..."

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