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dr. sharn


Hi everyone, my name is Dr. Sharn! I was born in New Jersey but was raised just outside of Toronto, Canada 


I love working with kiddos because I see it as a service of giving back to a higher power, since they are so pure and are new and still learning more about the world  The smiles on little ones faces, the joy they bring to everyone around them is incomparable to anything else in the world! Moms are the backbone to each family and providing a space where they can relax and get a reward for all of their hard work is one of the main reasons I love working with them! I am currently a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association which provides me with tools to work with pediatrics, pre-natal and post-partum 


Outside of Chiropractic, I love being around my family as they are my entire world! I am also a big foodie and love trying different cuisines (would love recommendations for what to try in Sacramento), I love spicy food, I am almost always binge watching TV shows (I have an app tracker to stay on top of it) and love being outdoors (as long as it’s not too hot)


Super thankful for those I have met already, but excited to meet the rest of the Kaleidoscope family 

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