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frequently asked questions

  • How does chiropractic work?
    Chiropractors work directly with your spine, which houses the bulk of your nerve system! Your nerve system receives signals from your environment via nerves. These nerves act much like wires, and send signals from your environment, through the spine, up to the brain for your body to interpret into something we can understand. For example, the weight, texture, temperature and size of a coin is different from that of a piece of bread, right? How do we know this? The nerves that are receiving the signals from what we are holding have to be sent from the nerves in our hands, through our spine and into our brains in order for us to understand what it is we are holding. If there are issues in the spine, which we call “blockages” (or subluxations, if you’re familiar with chiropractic terminology), these nerve signals can become partially “blocked” and it will change the way we interpret our environment and therefore can negatively impact how we adapt to our environment. This is why many people associate chiropractic with pain relief - when we are in pain, it is simply our bodies not interpreting signals the way they should be, which causes pain! Re-establishing proper signaling helps to decrease the amount of pain we feel. By working with the spine and specifically identifying where these blockages are, we are able to remove these blockages with gentle, specific adjustments. This directly influences the nerve system and improves the way it is interpreting and adapting to everything it comes into contact with every second of our day, including the foods we eat, the stressors we encounter and the germs we are exposed to! On top of that, it also helps to coordinate our muscles and movements properly, which can greatly reduce pain levels! Imagine this: you are trying to make a video call on your cell phone and you have 5 bars of service - full reception! Making this video call would be seamless. You would have no problem connecting to the person you are trying to call, and would have no problems seeing them on the video or hearing the things they were saying to you! That call would be great because your phone is communicating perfectly with the cell tower and so, is working with full service, and therefore, as effectively and efficiently as it possibly can. Now imagine you are trying to make this same video call but only have 1-2 bars of service, meaning your phone does not have full reception. You would probably still be able to place the call, and may even still be able to connect to the person you are trying to call, but the picture would likely be glitchy (if visible at all), and you would likely be unable to hear everything the other person was trying to say. Your phone is not connected to a service tower at 100% so its efficiency/effectiveness is not as good as it could be. This is exactly like your body and your brain trying to communicate when you have blockages in your spine and nerve system - your body is physically unable to function as well as it should be when there is blockage in the spine that is stopping your brain and nerve system from communicating appropriately.
  • What Makes Kaleidoscope Unique?
    We are not like traditional chiropractic offices you may have visited before. We do not focus on treating your “symptoms.” Symptoms in you or your child’s body are being caused by something going wrong in the body. Symptoms are much like your body’s built-in alarm system. What do I mean by this? Let me give a few examples: What happens if a fire breaks out in your home? Your smoke alarm will go off to warn you of a problem (hopefully) before it becomes a dangerous situation. Would any of us ignore this alarm? No, we would investigate and see what the cause of the alarm was. We would then address the cause of the smoke alarm sounding by treating the fire (or the burnt/overcooked food in the oven in my case most of the time, ha!), NOT by ignoring the alarm that warned us of trouble to start! Another example is our check engine light in our car - if that light comes on, our car is trying to warn us of an issue in the engine before the problem completely ruins our engine. Would we simply place a bandaid or sticker over the check engine light, ignore it and just hope it would go away on its own? Or would we take it to a mechanic to have them attempt to find the cause of the light coming on? When we have pain, or some other type of “symptom” like indigestion, sleeping issues, illnesses etc, it is our body trying to let us know something isn’t working the way it is supposed to be. It is our job at Kaleidoscope to search for the root cause of your issues, rather than just treating the symptom and waiting for it to come back again and put you and your family’s life on hold, yet again. Another example for you: let’s say that the alignment on your car is slightly off and it is causing abnormal wear and tear on your tire, warranting a replacement tire. You could, of course, replace the tire every time it is wearing down - addressing the “symptom.” Or, you could address the “root cause,” being the alignment of your car, repair your alignment, and then not have to continue to see your tire wearing down and needing replacement every few months. We pride ourselves in diving deep into each person’s case and performing a detailed examination in order to figure out the true underlying causes that are contributing to you or your child’s issues. Once we have established what issues are affecting you - be it pain, stress, functional issues, sleep issues, etc - we will establish what you are looking for out of care. Once we have compiled this information, we are able to provide a specialized, tailored care plan for each person, based on their individual needs, case history and on what they want to achieve. We will perform regular check-ins to ensure we have you on the right track. Lastly, we are always going to work as a team. We want to work with you to help you achieve the things you want for yourself and your family. We recognize that different people will need and want different things out of their care and we celebrate the fact that we can meet each child and adult where they are at by actively involving them in their care planning and having them (and their entire families!) take an active role in their care, not just be bystanders in their health journey. We will always work together with you and your loved ones and will update our plans based on your changing goals and needs.
  • Will I Need to Go to a Chiropractor Forever?
    Many people come to a chiropractor and wonder: “Will I have to come forever if I start?” Or they may wonder: “Is getting adjusted addicting?” Great questions. Here at Kaleidoscope, we truly believe that vibrant health is something every person on Earth has the right to experience. In our eyes, chiropractic is one of the essential pieces to achieving a truly healthy lifestyle - just like eating right and exercising! Does this mean you have to come see us forever? No, that is a choice that is completely up to you! And is it addicting? No, but many people find that they really do feel better (are happier, get sick less often, sleep better and are more able to cope with stress) - even babies and kiddos seem to laugh and smile through their adjustments - when their nerve systems are functioning well and without blockage, so some may choose to continue long term, but it is never something you HAVE to do. It comes down to this idea - we do not provide “sick-care,” we provide true HEALTH- CARE, meaning the care we provide aims to help everyone live a healthier life, decreasing the occurrences of dysfunction, pain, disease and illness. Our care is designed to help PREVENT you and your family from having significant health issues down the road. Because we feel passionately that health is not a privilege, but a right, we pride ourselves on providing affordable care for the entire family because we understand the power of chiropractic and how it is able to truly transform lives, enhance health and connect people to themselves and their families on a deeper level.
  • How Long Does it Take to See Results?
    This is totally dependent on you the work you are willing to put into your health! Once we have established what your goals are, we will create an individualized care plan based on your health history, how long you have been struggling with any issues, how severe your issues may be and the results of your detailed examination. Once this care plan is created, you will then get to decide how active you want to be in your care to achieve the goals you have in mind. If you have less time to commit to care, the changes will likely take more time to appear. If are able to commit fully to your care, your changes will likely occur more quickly - it’s as simple as that! Really, how quickly you may see results depends largely on you and the changes you are willing to create! We will always recommend a schedule that is designed to get you feeling your best in the shortest amount of time possible. Your lifestyle outside of the office will hugely dictate your results, and we will guide you through easy changes you can make to improve your recovery time. As time goes on, we will be performing regular check-ins to ensure things are going as we hope, and, if they aren’t, aim to identify what changes may need to occur to get you back on track. These check-ins will also include new, easily implementable lifestyle and "at-home" recommendations, dependant upon each person, their progress and their lifestyle. Teamwork and checking in together is key, and, as promised, we will always work as a team to get you to your goals in the shortest time period possible! Some people may experience changes in as soon as 1-2 visits, and for others, it may take multiple weeks. Many people feel immediate relief following a single chiropractic visit, but some may experience mild soreness, stiffness or aching, just as they might experience after some forms of exercise. Current research shows that minor discomfort or soreness following an adjustment typically fades within 24 hours. Always speak to us if you’d like to see if there is anything you can do to promote your healing more effectively!
  • Is Chiropractic Care Safe?
    Absolutely, YES! Chiropractic care, when delivered by a specially trained Doctor of Chiropractic, is incredibly safe! Chiropractors are extremely well-trained and have completed extensive hands on and educational training - the same amount of time is spent in schooling as a Medical Doctor. Chiropractors are very well trained to perform detailed examinations to ensure that any risk-factors potentially present in a person are caught well before any treatment is administered. If risk factors are present, chiropractic is still a wonderful option for you - we simply change the way in which we administer an adjustment! ​ Chiropractic is widely recognized, worldwide, as one of the safest drug-free, non-invasive therapies available for the treatment of neuro-musculo-skeletal complaints. Although chiropractic has an excellent safety record, no health treatment is completely free of potential adverse effects. The risks associated with chiropractic, however, are very small, and generally only include potential soreness for 24 hours following an adjustment - this is similar to the soreness one may feel after exercising for the first time in a long time. ​ Chiropractic care for pregnant women and children is one of the most powerful, non-invasive treatments available to these populations. There are no drugs involved, as chiropractic utilizes the power your own body has to heal itself. Dr Caitlin is specially trained to work with these populations, and is certified through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) to perform the Webster Technique, which is a specialized technique used to assess and adjust pregnant mamas. In addition, many wonder about chiropractic for babies, and if "cracking" is done to them...and the answer - absolutely NOT! Chiropractic care for babies is extremely gentle, and very safe. The usual "cracking" that you may have seen used on adults is not necessary for little ones - their systems are much more sensitive and need significantly less input. ​ If you have any other questions regarding the safety of chiropractic care, please reach out! We are happy to share more resources if you'd like. ​ Fun fact! The amount of pressure we use to adjust babies is about as much pressure as you'd use to press on your own eyeball or a ripe tomato.
  • What Does it Cost?
    At Kaleidoscope, we feel passionately that health is not a privilege, but a right, we pride ourselves on providing affordable care for individuals and entire families because we understand the power of chiropractic and how it is able to truly transform lives, enhance health and connect people to themselves and their families on a deeper level. ​ We do offer discounts for the initial consultation to members who refer in their loved ones - we love when entire families are able to come see us as a unit, are making their health a priority, and get to spend time in our office together! We also offer multiple payment options to make care more accessible. Please reach out or come visit us for a complimentary Case Consultation to learn more. Click below to contact us and get booked!
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