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We offer a range of services, including chiropractic care for little ones, mamas-to-be, adults, parents and the entire family. Each care plan also includes educational information and classes that are designed to help you and your family reach your health goals as efficiently as possible!

If you are curious about chiropractic, or want to learn more about how we may be able to help you or your loved one, please contact us to book a complimentary Case Consultation with Dr. Caitlin. 


We cannot wait to see you in the practice for your first visit! Booking you or your child's complimentary Case Consultation is the first step to your healing journey. The first visit is all about YOU! The Case Consultation is designed for Dr. Caitlin to get to know you - your story, your concerns and your goals. This is the time where she will get an idea of what brought you into the office, what things have led you to where you are at now and what you are hoping to achieve. This initial Consultation can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes. Please feel free to wear any type of attire - business attire, workout gear, casual wear - whatever you are comfortable in!


Based on the above criteria and your health history, she may recommend moving forward into a detailed Examination - which can take anywhere from 20-40 minutes, depending on the case and its severity. Once the Examination is complete, Dr Caitlin will take time to thoroughly review your results and create a customized care plan, designed to help you most effectively reach the goals you laid out with her during your Consultation. Please note that you will NOT be adjusted during your first visit. Dr. Caitlin needs time to review the results of your Examination and information from your Consultation before she will be able to safely provide care. It is important that you also understand what is going on with you and your nerve system before any care occurs. 

At your second visit, Dr Caitlin will discuss your results with you, explaining what they mean, and will then go over her recommended care plan with you one-on-one. She will ensure at this visit that you fully understand what is going on with you and how we can help. This is where you will get to make a decision about what you want to do - a decision that best suites you, your schedule and your goals. Once your care plan has been discussed and agreed upon, you will be able to receive your first chiropractic adjustment! This is where the journey really begins - so get ready, and enjoy living a more illuminated life!




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Many people do not realize that babies need chiropractic, too! I cannot tell you the number of times I have heard someone ask, "why would my baby need to be checked by a chiropractor?" Well, here's why!


Upwards of 80% of newborns are born with issues in their upper neck due to the birthing process, and this number only increases with stressful pregnancies, long labors, incorrectly positioned babies and Cesarean sections. Babies do not typically feel pain when they have these blockages, but tend to have increased chances of sleeping issues, latching difficulties, reflux/colic, digestive issues, immune system issues and even developmental delays, in some cases. 

Adjustments are extremely gentle, and so necessary if there are blockages present in their system, as neurological development in the first year of life is exponential! To be able to ensure your baby's neurological development is on track will only positively support their trajectory of health and adaptability as they grow! When little ones' brains can fully communicate with their bodies as they develop, we see happier, healthier babies (and happier, more well-rested parents, too!)!

The sooner a little one can be checked and adjusted (if needed), the better! Dr Caitlin has previous experience as a doula and has adjusted a newborn just minutes after birth! There is no age too young to begin!

Pediatric Care


Dr Caitlin has worked for multiple years in the birth world - more recently as a specialized perinatal chiropractor and previously as a birth doula. At Kaleidoscope, we are happy to offer classes to our members that give parents-to-be tools they can use at home to get mama's body more at ease and relaxed throughout her pregnancy and labor journey. 

We also are excited to host community groups for both mamas and dads-to-be to connect and support each other during exciting times of transition and learning.


We will be hosting new mama meet-ups where women can come together to connect, sip & snack and ask questions about anything! From breast-feeding, formula feeding, sleep hacks and more - we will host numerous specialists in the birth world - local Lactation Consultants, Midwives, Doulas and more! And you can always bring your little ones along to get weighed and measured by Dr Caitlin. 

We love the Sacramento community so deeply, and want to do our part to support the people in this amazing community, as well as assist in building our own Kaleidoscope community of love and support!

Birt educaton and Support


One of the best things you can do for yourself if you are pregnant is to visit a chiropractor! Pregnancy is such an exciting time, and is also a time characterized by all sorts of changes - physically, hormonally and emotionally! These changes all occur in a very short amount of time, and can place all sorts of stress onto mamas. 

Getting checked can help decrease any discomfort the physical changes may be bringing mama, can help mamas to sleep and move around better, and also works to optimize the baby's position in the womb. It's like getting two-for-one chiropractic care! We treat mama, and both she and baby benefit!


When mama is more relaxed and the baby is in an optimal position, it is correlated with shorter labor times, less painful labors and lesser intervention for both mama and baby during the birthing process! Who wouldn't want that?!

Dr Caitlin is specially trained and certified in administering the Webster Technique. This is a technique that is specifically designed to assess and correct a pregnant woman's pelvis and encourage baby into an optimal position for birth. It is endorsed and taught by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.  

The earlier in the pregnancy you are able to start, the better! But we do see women start in every stage of pregnancy, so reach out to schedule a complementary Case Consultation, even if you're very early on or already into the 3rd trimester!

Care For Pregnant Mamas


Care at Kaleidoscope is not just for children and mamas - it's for everyone! Every person with a spine (which is every human being!) can benefit from chiropractic care.

We often have a baby come in first - the parents see how chiropractic works and learn more about how it may benefit them. The next thing we know, both parents begin care and we have the entire family under care! 

There are countless benefits to receiving neurologically-focused chiropractic care. Our nerve system controls every function in our body and our spine houses our nerve system. When there is dysfunction in our spine, there is dysfunction in our nerve system! This can cause all sorts of functional problems - including digestive issues, reproductive issues, weight gain/weight loss issues, sleeping issues, fatigue and more! 

Whomever you may be, allowing your brain to better communicate with your body will help you where you are at. This is why we focus so much on thoroughly assessing your spinal and neurological systems to create a care plan that will help you to reach YOUR goals. 

Think this sounds like something you'd want to experience for yourself? 

Come and chat with Dr. Caitlin in a scheduled complimentary Case Consultation to see if our office is the right place for you!

Adult and Whole Family Care

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